Deleting player(s) from League(s)/season(s)

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Deleting player(s) from League(s)/season(s)

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Unfortunately, you cannot delete players from your league.
The reason behind this decision is solely because of the overall stats. If you could delete completely a player from your league, all your past statistics would be biased.

That being said, you can deactivate players from your leagues/seasons.

To do so:

1 - Login to your account.
2 - Click on the "Manage League" tab.
3 - From the left menu, select the league/season you want to deactivate the player(s) from.
4 - Still in the left menu, click on the "Players Management by League & Season" link.
5 - From there, you can uncheck the "Is Active" checkbox of players you want to exclude from your league.

Also note: you can reactivate players who would join back your league. To do so, use the steps 1 through 4. On the "Player Management" page, select the "Inactive Players" tab. From there, you can check the "Is Active" chekbox of players you want back in your league.
Players Activation/Deactivation Screen
Players Activation/Deactivation Screen
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