Creating / Editing default rankings

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Creating / Editing default rankings

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While managing your league, you might want to modify your league's default rankings to add or remove different columns as desired. To do this, follow the following steps

- Click on the "Manage Leagues" tab
- Select your league in the left menu
- Besides the "Rankings Management" drop down, click on the '+' to add a new ranking (Or edit existing one other then default).
- Once in the rankings management, create your ranking by selecting desired columns
- You can reorder the columns, resize them and change default sort.
- In the "Ranking Options" section, make sure the "Default" checkbox is checked.
- Save your ranking.

You have now created a new "Default" ranking that will show up as your default ranking for selected League. Note that you can create your new ranking based on an existing ranking by selecting the existing ranking in the "Previous Ranking" drop down.