Merging Players

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Merging Players

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After importing a new tournament, if no match was found between a player in your tournament and players already registered to your league, the system will create a new virtual player for every unmatched player.

If your player already has a different StatsGenie account associated with your league, this is where the merge functionality comes into play:

Normally you can choose to merge a "Virtual" player into any given player using the following procedure:
1 - Click on "Manage Leagues" Tab
2 - Select League and optionally season to manage from the left menu
3 - Click on "Players Management by League & Season" and click on desired player name (to merge) OR select player in "Player Management" combo box in the left menu
4 - Click on "Player Settings" tab
5 - In the "Player Merge" section, select the appropriate merge option (The tooltip icons will help you to select the best option) and click on the appropriate merge button.

Please note that because this operation is irreversible, if you try to merge a virtual player into a normal player account, the merge will take effect ONLY after the player receiving the merge confirms the merge using the link in the email received.