Importing data from SGv2

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Importing data from SGv2

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- Select 'My Account" Tab
- Click on "Import data from StatsGenie v2"


Only the v2 organisation levels that you administer will appear and be available for import.

On the "Import DataFrom StatsGenie v2" page
- Select the v2 level to import as a league to v3
This is not necessarily your "Root" level, it depends on your v2 organisation structure, you need to select a "League Root Level" here.

- Select the v2 level(s) to import as season(s) to v3
Only levels having data (tournaments, finances, trophies or events) under the selected "v2 League Level" will appear.

The following information will be imported from v2 to v3:
- Player's and player security (Least restrictive security will be applied if security conflict between v2 and v3)
- League information
- Season information
- Tournaments
- Event schedule
- Awards
- Finances
- Mesage Board
- Rankings Management
- All Statistics (of course...)

The following information will not be imported to v3 (v3 Standardizes image ratio, you will need to re-import your images):
- Player images
- Award images